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4 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Free Web Hosting

Most first-time online business owners are usually attracted to free web hosting because they don’t have to spend a dime to host their websites. The truth is that web hosting companies that pitch free hosting do so to promote their premium hosting services. The free hosting plan always comes with a catch. Below are some common problems associated with free hosting:

   No security guarantees with a free hosted blog or website

The fact that it’s free hosting means the providers won’t take the security of your site seriously. So hackers will be able to infiltrate your website and steal valuable information easily. This can destroy the reputation of your business in a matter of minutes, especially if your website deals with sensitive customer information.

   A free hosted site can be shut down any moment

Some web hosting companies offer free hosting for a stipulated amount of time and expect you to upgrade when that time comes. When that time comes, they discontinue the service, and any website that is running on the free plan goes down with it. This can be painful, especially if you have a thriving business. Case in point is when Yahoo Geocities discontinued their service in 2009. Clients were asked to migrate to the Yahoo’s paid hosting. Those who didn’t were not able to operate their websites again.

   You can’t cash in on a free hosted website or blog

Some online business owners decide to sell their websites at some point to do other things that matter the most in their lives. A self-hosted website can generate a tidy sum, especially with an old .com domain. However, it’s next to impossible to sell a free hosted website.

   You have no control over server resources with a free hosted blog

This means that when downtime manifests, you have no alternative server to harness resources to keep your website up and running as it happens in cloud hosting. Also, if any technical glitch manifests, you may be required to fix it yourself. There is no standby team of experts to help you.


It’s understandable that when starting out, you want to keep your budget as low as possible. But instead of going for free web hosting, choose a cheap web hosting plan. They are littered on the internet these days. Although they are cheap, they offer quality hosting service.